The Savings Continue

The Savings Continue to Flow

When you shop with Gallant & Wein you can expect the highest level of service because we are committed to helping our customers achieve success. On top of our ability to accurately track, and timely ship our material we also offer price breaks, and a freight allowed policy. Got a job coming up? Give us a call! We’ll give you preferred pricing based on the bill of material. Let us help increase your margins and keep you moving!

Price break

Want a quoted price discount, but don’t want to call in? Don’t worry about it! You’ll enjoy a 5% discount across the board on all material after surpassing a $1,000 bill of material. No contact needed! You can see your price decrease right away!

Freight allowed

For all orders of greater than or equal to $3,000 we cover the freight! We’ll send your order to you via ground shipment and you’ll have tracking information as soon as possible with no additional costs to you!


Need even more competitive pricing? Do you have an important job coming up? We can help with that too. Give us a call at (718) 784-5210 and mention E-commerce to receive quoted pricing which will be applied to your account. Let us help you make more when it matters.

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