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Audio-Video (AV) Low voltage systems cover a wide array of categories, from fire protection to security systems to sound and communication. Gallant & Wein is a proven leader in the distribution and service of a full range of low voltage electrical systems. Consider some of the options we offer to help you determine what systems your business needs the most.

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About AV Low Voltage Products

Audio and Video low voltage products include sectors such as security cameras, speaker systems, display set-ups, and the management of data flow to all of the devices encompassed within those sectors. For example the video section can range from an HDMI cable, to a collection of televisions which need to have coordinated programming. Large scale and small scale alike can fall into any of these categories.

One of the greatest advantages of low voltage products is that it can be utilized for a multitude of applications in almost any type of building. The most common applications for low voltage products are telephone and security systems. More businesses are utilizing audio and video equipment and low voltage products are both valuable and cost-effective. Additionally, we have many different low voltage multi-conductor cables available in stock.



HDMI stands for high-definition multimedia interface. HDMI cables support high-definition video signals, and they send audio and video over the same cable, simplifying your hookups. These days, HDMI is often the only way to make a high definition capable connection.


USB (Universal Serial Bus) is an industry standard connector developed in the 1990s that define the cables, connectors and communications protocols used for connection, communication, and power supply between computers and electronic devices. USB connectors have been effective in reducing the number of ports required on a computer and paving the way for smaller, more portable devices.