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At Gallant & Wein you’ll find all the top-quality electrical installation tools you need to pull, service, and install electrical and data cable, as well as the products that you and your workers will need to stay safe from impact and from infection. We stock unique and innovative tools for electricians, contractors, and telecom professionals. We also carry a large variety of PPE and air cleaning technology which is making work enviroments safer every day.





About Tools, Supplies & Safety

As far as tools and supplies go, it can be as diverse as the world itself. So many applications have their own set of tools and accompanying supplies which can be a hassle to get a hold of and coordinate. We here at Gallant & Wein aim to make things easier on you. Click, checkout, and have your material shipped straight to your office of job site.

We have the tools and supplies you require to complete your electrical and data-communications projects safely and efficiently. Shop from our extensive selection to assemble, repair, and improve your systems. We carry a wide range of electrical supplies and accessories to help you get your commercial and residential jobs done quickly. From electrical, data, communication tools, and hand tools, to the more specialized electrical equipment, we stock the products you need to complete your projects.



Fish tape is used more for conduit/commercial applications. It is used for pulling the electrical cable or wire through the wall or through electrical conduit. It often comes in lengths of 25 or 50 feet, 1/2” or 3/4” wide with a hook on one end. Also, it can be used to probe wall cavities to determine the best path for routing a cable. Also known as snake