Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure
Network infrastructure is the resources of a whole network comprised of hardware and software that allow the connectivity, communication, operations and management of a network. Network Infrastructure contributes communication paths and services between users, applications, external networks/the internet, processes, and services.
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At Gallant & Wein we offer a large array of data communications material from industry leading manufacturers across the country. Whether the material is for residential or commercial our large inventory of Fiber Optic Material, Data Communications Equipment, Category Cable and Jacks, Telecommunications supply, and everything in-between will keep you moving fast while saving time, money, and headaches!
What is right for your solution? What is the environment you need to work with? Should you use 10 Gigabit Fiber Optic Cable or Category 6A Copper Cable? Will you need Lightning Protection? The questions are endless and our experts are here and available to answer!
Is cat6A infrastructure backwards compatible with Cat6?
Yes, cat6a is backwards compatible with both cat6 and cat5e infrastructural work
Which fiber optic cable should be used for this run?
This depends on the length of the run, and the speeds required for the job among other things. A quick call to our customer service line will help you be on your way with this one!
Can I get away without an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)?
The rack will operate without a UPS, though it is important to consider what will happen with a loss of power. In certain environments a loss of power can be deadly, and having the network running could save lives.
How do you go from fiber to copper?
Using a media converter you can change between the mediums being used to transfer data!