Thermal Solutions & Freeze Protection

Thermal Solutions & Freeze Protection
Gallant & Wein offers many standard and custom floor heating mats and cables. The radiant heating mats can be installed under floor boards to evenly heat any room from the ground up. Cables can be installed in pavement, concrete, asphalt, and in roofing to melt snow during harsh winters. While the cables save you time and shoveling, the mats can save you money on heating expenses.
About Thermal Solutions & Freeze Protection
Floor heating mats are a highly desired form of heating for one’s home. These standard and custom order mats function by being installed under floor boards, and connecting to a thermostat and power source. Electricity safely heats up the conductor running through the mat to supply heat to a floor, a room, or even an entire home.
An advantages of this form of heating is the smart home integration that comes accessible to the brands we carry. Compatible with smart home major brands, this feature offers ease of control over your system from your phone. Adjusting the temperature in your living room will be as easy as defrosting your gutters, or melting down the snow in your driveway; Just a touch away!
Will the thermostats work with a baseboard system?
Yes, the thermostats will work with a baseboard system. During setup choose to use air temperature for regulation and do not install the floor sensor.
How Long are the Leads?
The cold leads are 10ft in length.
Does the lead need to reach the thermostat directly?
Cold lead from one or more NUHEAT system(s) must be connected to the thermostat directly in parallel. NUHEAT systems must not be connected in series. Leads must make a home-run to the thermostat or to an accessible junction box. The electrician can use typical household wiring, such as Romex, from the junction box to the thermostat.