Racks & Cabinets

Racks & Cabinets
Gallant & Wein offers many configurations and styles of cabinets and racks from wall mount to fully enclosed. We can help you configure any cabinet or rack with accessories and equipment to fit your needs.
About Racks & Cabinets
Selecting the Rack or Cabinet now will help you save time and money while preparing you for the future growth of your network. The right Rack or Cabinet will protect your valuable equipment from potential heat problems, equipment damage or vandalism. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your rack:
Sizing: Select an appropriately-sized rack or cabinet. What is your growth plan? Size your rack to accommodate your company’s future success or consolidation efforts.
Power: How will you be powering the equipment in your new rack/cabinet? Power must be taken into consideration when determining what rack/cabinet you should be buying. Rack PDUs or power strips can take up space both vertically and horizontally. Will you be rack mounting a ups? This again can take up a considerable amount of rack space. This should be taken into consideration when making any rack/cabinet selection.
Rails: What type of mounting rails does your rack/cabinet need? What is the weight of the product being mounted? Do you require M6 or EIA 1.75”standard rails? Some racks come with 12/24 thread and some come with 10/32 threaded rails. Cabinets often come with cage nuts and screws. Consider the items being mounted and choose the correct rail mount for the application.
What Size Cabinet/Rack do I need?
When considering the purchase of any rack or cabinet you should take time to consider these factors: What you are installing in your rack or cabinet, growth, heat, air flow, space, and type of equipment. Proper planning with accurate dimensions and future plans will help determine the correct cabinet or rack. Gallant & Wein can help configure the correct racks to fit your needs.
How important are the Internal Dimensions of the Rack Cabinet?
Internal dimensions should be considered whenever you buy a rack or cabinet. What is going in it? Should I leave room for expansion? Vertical cable management, fan tops, and depth of installed units are all things to consider when planning on buying Cabinets. Internal dimensions are usually the useable measures of vertical height, width, and depth.
Should I be concerned about External Dimensions of my Cabinets and Racks?
Prior to ordering any server rack or cabinet, it is important to know the dimensions of the space it will be going into to. Can it fit through a door? Do I have access to the front and back? Will I be expanding? These are all questions to consider.
What is a rack unit (RU)?
1U is the standard unit of measure when configuring any rack or cabinet. It is a designation of the vertical usable space or height of racks/cabinets. All cabinets and racks use this measurement. Typical racks and cabinets are 42u (usable vertical rack space) It is equivalent to 1.75 inches in height. To make it an easy identifier some manufacturers label their racks accordingly.
What is standard rack mounting width?
The most common width of any rack mounted equipment is 19” wide. Some servers maybe 23” wide. And you should check with the manufacturer to be sure. Patch panels, horizontal managers, shelves and other rack mounted is 19”